Time is money, save both… the world speaks one language: yours.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to make Thai and a German radiologists participate simultaneously in a dyad and understand each other seamlessly? And you would be the moderator in your mother tongue.

Better conversations, freer exchange of information and superior allocation of resources.

Now conference interpretation services are affordable and accessible anywhere, at any time. We help expand the market by adding language and convenience to industries and markets that are not yet multilingual.

We enable more meaningful contact between trade partners, investors or ordinary people like you and me, reaching out to people and industries and bridging the communication gap.

Sensitive business discussions require confidentiality and clarity, even across the language barrier. Our linguists are professionally trained, experienced in your sector, and subject to strict vetting and compliance procedures.

Real-time translation allows everyone to speak in their own language at their own pace, leading to more natural and productive discussions. The translation takes place instantaneously and in the background, so you never have to wait for the translator to finish or sit through a long-winded foreign speech without knowing what’s going on.

Your partners face-to-face or take your meetings on the road and still access real-time translation on your smartphone via dial-in or a dedicated app. Our simultaneous interpreters are trained to work remotely, meaning no cumbersome equipment or complicated venue logistics.

New! Real time subtitling of your conference interpreter’s speech in any language

How it works?

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